Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

Note (3/14/22): This article was written prior to the release of the {workboots} package. Since the release of that package, I’ve discovered some errors with the methodology described here and would recommend instead referencing the post associated with the release.

How Popular is Joe Biden?

While the sitting president’s party tends to House lose seats in the midterm elections, the president’s approval rating can help inform us of the magnitude of that loss. In general, the more unpopular the president, the more seats his party tends to lose.

The Data Diary: Year in Review

In the year since I started this blog, there’s been a lot that’s happened: I learned to use R, picked up the basics of machine learning, and moved into a new job/industry.

Do Voters Want Democrats or Republicans in Congress?

The 2022 midterms are still quite a ways away, however, in order to have a forecast ready in time, I need to start working on the model well in advance!

Technical Books!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! This year, my family drove down to Houston for the holiday & I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. We played lots of games and ate well - my fridge is still stocked full of leftovers.

Diamonds are Forever: Feature Engineering with the Diamonds Dataset

Are y’all ready for some charts?? This week, I did a bit of machine learning practice with the diamonds dataset. This dataset is interesting and good for practice for a few reasons:

Election Night: Some Closing Thoughts on the VA Governor Race

A few weeks ago I had written about the VA Governor’s race before going on vacation - in that time it seems as though Terry McAuliffe’s campaign had lost a lot of steam and Youngkin made up a lot of ground in the final weeks of the campaign.

Polling Average of the VA Governor's Race using purrr::map functions

Rolling poll averages can be misleading in the absence of errorbars or an expected distribution of outcomes. FiveThirtyEight is currently tracking polls of Virginia’s Governor race slated for early November, and has kindly made their polls available to the public.

RStudio's Call for Documentation

In my job, I spend a good amount of time working in the platform setup by our survey vendor, Qualtrics. There are some pre-formatted reports that we can send on a recurring basis through Qualtrics, but for one-off or custom reports, I can work with the raw data in R.

Catching Up (again)

Wow, it’s been quite a while! Once again, I’m catching up from a long hiatus (this time, there was about a month’s gap between posts). Although I haven’t been writing here, I have been keeping myself incredibly busy - for that reason, I think I’m going to switch up the format of this site.